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Our love..


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I Still Love you


Our love........

Our relation is as good as the feelings of these kids..

Hey meghna.....
Our love has always been a little different from the rest of the world.No matter how much we deny and create fake emotions in front of each other ,no matter what we say to each other ,no matter how much we pretend to each other that we are just good friends and thats all but the reality is that we love each other too much ..Our love for each other has been without any reason without any intrest or anything our love is so pure ..Its a relation that both of us want to let go on but none of us wants to name it..You don't want to name it b'coz you fear you'll loose me and i don't want to name it b'coz you don't want that thing to be done.
Plzzz but lets promise one thing that whenever in life we'll be lonely and feel low and down and sadness will grip us or we'll be overjoyed by any circumstances we'll be there for each other.......


Call me NOW to say you love me ..Meghna i am waiting for your sweet kiss....09811005903